Ready to get started?

Awesome! Listed below are the pricing packages. With the exception of the Basic WP Monthly Maintenance service, you can either select a package or pay by the hour.  I bill my clients once a month, at the end of the month.  To inquire about the hourly rate or to discuss something more tailored to your specific needs, just contact me.

Custom WordPress Website

Due to previous commitments, I’m only going to be taking on small to medium sized website projects.  The price depends on a number of things;  the number of pages, the type of site you want and your specific needs. Contact me for a free quote. Below is what all the web packages include:

  • A 30- 60 minute design consultation
  • Assistance with acquiring domain and hosting
  • WordPress installation
  • Email accounts setup
  • A design / layout customized for your unique branding and style
  • Your own color palette and typography scheme
  • Plugins installation and setup
  • Creation of pages and blog setup (optional)
  • A contact form
  • Email Opt-in forms integrated to your e-newsletter service
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Spam control
  • Instructions on how to use WordPress
  • 2 weeks email support once your site is launched. For ongoing support, you can purchase the WP Maintenance package

WP Maintenance and Blog Management Packages

Self-hosted websites need continual maintenance and optimization. These packages are for those who have a self-hosted WordPress website or blog, but need someone who is experienced with WordPress to take care of any technical issues, and to monitor the site so that everything is secure and running smoothly.

The blog management packages include basic WordPress maintenance, but are for those who want to publish blog posts regularly, but do not have time for everything that goes along with that.  There are many tasks involved with running a blog.  Some of them are listed below.  All of the packages below include email support.

Basic Monthly WP Maintenance
$59 /mo
Regularly update Wordpress software
Regularly update plugins and theme
Scan and repair broken links
Scan and remove spam
Regular site back-ups
General site maintenance
WP Blog Management - Starter
$219 /mo
For less busy blogs (4 posts/ month)
Proofread/edit /format/beautify posts
Create shareable images
Comments management
SEO research & implementation
Schedule / publish posts
WP Blog Management - Premium
$449 /mo
For busy blogs (up to 12 posts/month)
Proofread/edit /format/beautify posts
Create shareable images
Comments management
SEO research and implementation
Schedule / publish posts

Other services

Other services not listed above include: E-Newsletter Management, Blog Link-ups (promoting your blog post by submitting it to link-ups, aka “link parties”), custom whiteboard animations, and simple graphics including custom headers for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. As of now, all these other services are charged by the hour.

If you have any questions, or if there is another service not listed here, just click the button below to get in touch!